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Paridhi Tuli_edited.jpg

Meet Paridhi, our Dietitian!

Paridhi graduated from Deakin University with a masters in Dietetics. Combining nutrition and population health expertise, she brings a holistic approach to empower individuals and communities toward positive lifestyle changes.

Paridhi is passionate about sustainable lifestyle changes and mindful eating. With a background rich in Indian descent, Paridhi infuses her expertise with a delightful array of herbs and spices, making nutrition an exciting and flavorful adventure. Grounded in evidence-based practices, Paridhi collaborates closely with clients, supporting them throughout their wellness journey. She has had experienced cross the board, from paediatrics to adults.

In her spare time, Pari loves to create jesmonite homewares in her home art studio, dance as well as spend time with her family. Paridhi speaks English and Hindi.

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