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who are we?

The Empowerment Project was founded to create a unique Allied Health Service that assists you to not only reach your physical goals, but to reach far beyond and create the best version of yourself. 


Over the many years of working within the Health industry,  we have identified a big gap in the delivery of Allied Health Care within the NDIS. Many therapists are treating their patient’s symptoms but disregarding their presentation as a whole and the cause of the patient's presentation is many times never explored

How are we different?

how does the
empowerment project aim to bridge this gap?


As the name suggests, The Empowerment Project (TEP) was established to empower, encourage and help participants reach their goals by looking at the person as a whole and considering their emotional, mental and social well-being and not just their disability. 


You are not just another number to us. Our central premise is to practice a holistic approach whilst we work with you and your family to provide the most suited, evidence-based interventions to achieve your goals. Through this approach, we strive for empowerment, confidence, strength, perseverance and self love. 

We are not just ordinary Allied Health providers and we want you to get the most out of your funding


To help with that, 


We provide free consultations with no obligation

We do not charge for travel fees*

We are happy to consult over the phone or face to face in the comfort of your home

We are working after-hours 

We are trusted by many 

We deliver results and you can trust us on that 


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