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Clinical DIRECTOR $ senior physiotherapist


Tamana graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the Western Sydney University. Over the years, she has had extensive experience in various fields of Physiotherapy with people of all age groups. Tamana has had the privilege of working with children under the NDIS very early in her career. She also has years of experience in the private practice sector, treating patients with musculoskeletal and acute injuries. Prior to The Empowerment Project, Tamana had the privilege of working in the geriatric setting both in a clinical and managerial setting. In addition, she has extensive experience with patients in the cardiorespiratory and orthopaedic acute settings. 

Working across many different physiotherapy fields and settings has equipped her with a wealth of experience and knowledge, ready to tackle any case that comes her way!


To do that, Tamana understands that not every presentation is the same. She takes time to really understand your story, what is important to you and how other factors in your life may influence your condition. From her initial assessment, she develops an individualised and comprehensive evaluation and works collaboratively with you to set goals that support your specific needs. All possible modalities are explored to provide a host of strategies that will be most effective at stimulating progress and fostering success.

In her spare time, you’ll find Tamana in the gym, going on hikes and socialising with friends. Tamana is also fluent in English, German and Dari and can speak some French and Croatian, so don’t be shy to teach her another word or two!

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