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occupational therapist 

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Meet Yolanda! Yolanda has assisted various people living with temporary, permanent physical and cognitive disabilities. She has worked extensively with children living with learning difficulties, impairments to their motor development and overall functions. Yolanda aspires to be the kind of professional that facilitates clients to use their potential, to overcome any limitations that they might experience.

Her key areas of interest include:

  • Sensory assessment and intervention, that targets sensory integration and inputs tailored to each person

  •  Focussing on age and stage appropriate fine and gross motor skills and functions, necessary for engaging in daily activities and tasks

  • Assessing and providing intervention that targets emotional regulation, cognitive skills, coordination skills, perceptual skills and motor planning skills that are relevant to the individual’s independent functioning in their various environments.

  • Mental health conditions 

She puts passion and compassion at the centre of everything she does for her participants, and she looks forward to working with your family!

Originally from South Africa, Yolanda embarked on a new adventure in Australia in 2022, immersing herself in the vibrant culture and delicious cuisine of her new home. In her spare time, she enjoys doing craft activities, dancing and creating her own music. Yolanda speaks English, Afrikaans, Zulu and isiXhosa. 

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