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occupational therapist


Meet Emma, a seasoned occupational therapist with over 12 years of professional experience. Emma's expertise spans diverse settings, including hospitals and schools, showcasing her adaptability and clinical proficiency.

Throughout her career, Emma has demonstrated a pragmatic approach to occupational therapy, effectively crafting interventions that yield tangible progress for her clients. Her problem-solving skills, combined with a commitment to practical solutions, contribute to her reputation as a reliable and results-oriented practitioner.

Beyond the therapy room, Emma provides stable and confident support, embodying a commitment to facilitating client growth. Her professionalism is marked by a quiet grace, complemented by a toolkit of proven strategies and a pragmatic outlook.

For those seeking an experienced guide through the complexities of occupational therapy, Emma stands ready to navigate the journey with a steady hand and a wealth of practical wisdom

Emma speaks Mandarin and English. 

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